​I am a radiographer specialising in ultrasound. Ultrasound imaging is highly operator-dependent and the outcome of an ultrasound examination is dependent on the medical knowledge and the technical skills of the radiographer. Ultrasound uses sound waves to obtain images instead of radiation.

Radiology is a team of people working together by combining both knowledge of medicine and technology to help diagnose patients effectively and efficiently.

The most interesting part of my job is, to put it simply, being able to see what is inside the body. By applying the knowledge gained from school and work experience, it is interesting how I am able to visualize structures like organs, blood vessels and even clots with the help of our diagnostic equipment.

One of my most memorable moments working in radiology was when a patient complimented my colleagues and I for making her experience at the hospital a pleasant one after we helped her through her series of x-ray examinations which required a substantial amount of modified techniques. She appreciated that despite the difficult examinations, we made her feel comfortable.

Siti Farhanah Binte Abdul Ghaffar
Senior Radiographer
Department of Radiology
Sengkang General Hospital