When the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) new building opened, it introduced a new queue system called “1 Queue, 1 Bill”.
Patients just need to register once upon their arrival, go through their entire visit with just one slip that includes a guide to their visit at the centre, and make one consolidated payment at the end for consultation, tests and medications, saving time in queuing and re-queuing.

For its role in improving care experience, the system was presented the “IT Excellence in Increasing Access to Care” award. 1 Queue 1 Bill is just one of the winning IT projects and champions from SingHealth awarded at the National Health IT Excellence Award 2015, organised by MOH Holdings on 20 May 2016.

With such winning IT projects and with the help of IT advocates, our patients can experience a smarter, smoother and more integrated care experience.

SingHealth projects and champions awarded at National Health IT Excellence Award 2015

Title of Award



IT Excellence in Increasing Access to Care


National Heart Centre Singapore, IHiS

One queue one payment


An integrated queue and payment system that generates one slip with one queue number, highlights all service points for a patient’s appointments and includes one consolidated payment at the end. The solution implemented at the National Heart Centre Singapore has streamlined processes, creating a hassle-free experience for patients.



Improving access to appointments


The cluster has improved access for all stakeholders in obtaining, reviewing and changing appointments at SingHealth Institutions, with the aim of creating a seamless experience for patients and a user-friendly system for staff through IT-enabled innovative solutions.


IT Excellence in Providing Quality of Care

Singapore National Eye Centre, SingHealth Polyclinics, National Healthcare Group Eye Institute, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, Agency for Integrated Care, IHiS

Singapore integrated diabetic retinopathy programme (SiDRP)


A national comprehensive Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) screening programme that uses the tele-ophthalmology platform, improving the access, level and quality of DR eye screening at the primary care level.

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, IHiS

TrustedCare: process redesign for elective lower segment caesarean section care


A single platform that provides clinicians and healthcare staff with a centralised view of information on elective caesarean section patients. The platform enables easy access to clinical information across disparate systems, improving the coordination among teams from different disciplines. This improves clinical outcomes, patient safety and operational efficiency. 


Champion for Health IT Excellence

Singapore General Hospital

Mr Yap Soon Ghee

Deputy Director, Nursing Division


Mr Yap is a strong advocate for transforming the healthcare landscape through IT to improve and reinforce nursing workflows for better and safer patient care. He has been actively involved in numerous IT committees within the hospital and at national level. 


He is a role model to SGH nurses and leads by example as the key driver to many successful implementations of IT solutions in the hospital.  Mr Yap also advocates nurses to be more involved in Nursing Informatics and formed the Nursing Informatics Team in SGH.


KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Dr Joseph Manuel Gomez

Head, Neonatal ICU & Senior Consultant


Dr Gomez is a strong supporter of leveraging on IT to transform the delivery of healthcare to improve the quality of care in acute setting and to uplift operational efficiency. He is actively involved in Medication Safety, Clinical Quality Improvement and Medical Informatics. 


As Chairman of the KKH’s Medication Safety Committee and Director of Medical Informatics, he was one of the key players involved in the introduction of Closed Loop Medication Management System in KKH.