As the population in Singapore ages, there is an increase in demand for improved clinical care delivery at a systemic and individual level.

Health Services Research (HSR) is an evidence-based research approach that is directly relevant to the way healthcare is practised and delivered.

It examines and looks to solve problems in healthcare that are related to factors such as cost, quality and accessibility, and the dynamic inter-play between them.

The newly formed HSRI will leverage SingHealth and Duke-NUS’ existing strengths in HSR, and serve as a bridge to synergise efforts, minimise practical barriers and maximise the utility and quality of HSR for improved patient care.

Professor Julian Thumboo, Director of SingHealth Health Services Research Centre and Professor David Matchar, Director of Health Services & Systems Research Programme, Duke-NUS, have been appointed co-directors of the Health Services Research Institute with effect from 1 October 2015.