Formed in Q3 FY2011

• Clinician Scientists and Clinician Researchers received accolades on individual research strength
• Inaugural SingHealth Duke-NUS OBGYN ACP Research Day on May 2013
• REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) Database rolled out

• Decentralisation of SingHealth OBGYN Residency Program to OBGYN ACP
• PROMPT (PRactical Obstetric Multi Professional Training) course, an evidence-based multi-professional training for
obstetric emergencies, introduced
• Inaugural OBGYN ACP Education Day on October 2013
• Recruitment of two PhD residents to strengthen the pool of future academic leaders

Leadership & Talent Management
• Multiple clinician achievers who excelled clinically, in medical education and published quality research articles
in internationally acclaimed and peer-reviewed scientific/medical journal
• Funding Support from Healthcare Manpower Development Plan (HMDP)

Other Achievements
• OBGYN ACP Progress Booklet published in February 2014
• Annual Retreat held on March 2013 to review progress and achievements, and new workplan discussion
• Monthly Council Meetings among key appointment holders
• Academic Medicine culture survey to identify areas for improvement
Formed in Q2 FY2011

• Four Clinician Scientists currently under PAEDS ACP including strategic hires
• Launch of Young Researcher Pilot Grant Award and Young Researcher Grant Award for emerging researchers
• Two ACP research focuses identified
> Growth & Development (GUSTO)
> Immunomics/Immunology (STIIC)
> GUSTO (Growing Up in Singapore Towards Healthy Outcomes) project execution

• Set-up of a regional first: the SingHealth Translational Immunology and Inflammation Centre (STIIC) in July 2013
• Research grants and awards roll call including: SingHealth Foundation Research Grant Award, Khoo Pilot Award and Health Services Research Competitive Research Grant

• Paediatrics Core Curriculum Committee (PCC) set up to standardise teaching approaches across three medical schools
• Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine Away-Days on in November 2013 to introduce KKH key faculties, Paediatricians and O&G curriculum to the NTU-Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine with Team Based Learning as its main teaching methodology
• First MMed (Paeds) / MRCPCH Preparatory Course conducted over two weekends on August and September 2013
• Internal transition process incorporating SingHealth Pediatrics Residency Program into ACP structure

• 2014 Festschrift honouring Professor Tan Cheng Lim on February 2014
• Creation of the Paediatrics ACP Nomination Appointment Committee
• Academic Visiting Expert Program in progress
Formed in Q2 FY2011

• Nurturing Clinician Scientist scheme launched in 2011
• Health Service Research team formed in September 2012
• Program to Enhance research collaboration Across Key Strategic (PEAK) themes launched in 2012
• 1st Pitch for Funds program launched in April 2013

Research Achievements:
• Over 490 publications authored and co-authored by clinician researchers
• Principal Investigators won 88 institutional / national competitive quantum of $20,437,169 including three National Medical Research Council grants and two
Biomedical Research Council grants

• A 55% rise in the intake for Internal Medicine Residency for junior residents between 2010 to 2013 (from 23 to 51)
• First batch of 36 senior residents received in July 2013
• Faculty Education Development of five core competency workshops in bedside teaching and evaluation skills started in 2012
• Medical Grand Round revitalised in July 2012 to encourage educator participation
• Educators recognised for their valuable efforts and received multiple SingHealth Excellence, NUS and AM•EI teaching awards

Clinical Services & Improvement
• Residents’ Quality Improvement
> Projects mandated as successful exit criteria from the Internal Medicine Residency Program
> Development of competencies in systems-based practice and practice-based learning and improvement

• Resident project won Team Excellence-Innovation and Quality Circles Gold Award winner and 9th MOH NHQI Merit Award

Learning Experiences
• 12 representatives undertook a study trip to Duke University to understand
> IM Residency
> Faculty development for medical education
Formed in Q4 FY2011

• Research foci identified
> Device Development Office set up to develop healthcare-inspired medical devices and to nurture clinician inventors
> Biometrics lab set up to consolidate and strengthen biometrics research

• Increased external collaborations
> Partnerships with engineering schools in local universities, polytechnics and national research institutes under the A*STAR umbrella
• Increased research resources
> Seed Grant implemented: five projects awarded with a total of $230,000
> Research Mentorship programme implemented to match faculty with mentors
> Introduction to Medical Research course established with NTU and SUTD non-medical post-graduate students with medical research interest

• Academic titles awarded to faculty
• First Education Retreat in May 2013 to bring education stakeholders together and relook education in a holistic manner, examine training of doctors and explore opportunities for improvements
• AM•EI Membership registration via Surgery ACP
• SGH Surgical Skills Centre set up to provide training infrastructure and support

Leadership & Talent Management
• Administrative managers with experience in research within public and private sectors, national grant administration and
education to provide different perspectives for research and education initiatives within the healthcare sector
• Junior surgeons encouraged to apply for the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign program
• Promotion of Bioengineering research

• 1st SingHealth Congress (held in collaboration with biennial 19th Asian Surgical Congress of the Asian Surgical Association)
• Medical illustration workshop conducted in January 2014
> Created awareness, gauge interest level and need for medical illustration
> Engaged a Korean medical illustration company for advice and as extended resources
> Engaged local arts institutes such as NAFA and LaSalle for partnerships
• Key driver of SingHealth Golf Charity to raise funds for research
Formed in Q4 FY2011

• Breakthroughs in eye research
> First international discovery of three genes linked to primary angle closure glaucoma
> First international discovery of genes for central corneal thickness that may cause potentially blinding eye conditions
> Established a myopia progression cure through research and clinical trials of ultra-low dose of atropine eye drops

• Success in securing research funding
> 2nd TCR Flagship Fund renewal: $25 million
> Centre grant application: $18 million
> STAR award renewal for Prof Wong Tien Yin
> Total competitive grants secured: $177 million (1996 to 2013)

• Established new research collaborations
> SERI-Duke Eye Centre research symposium
> SERI-Roche Drug Development program
> SERI-IMCB Strategic Alliance

• New pedagogy for residency education with technology enabling education
• National Ophthalmic Research Round held, a first for all Ophthalmology Residents across 3 sponsoring institutions
• Duke-NUS Year-4 students offered elective posting with SNEC
• Developed new Elective Sub-Internship Program for final year Duke-NUS students
• Ophthalmic Education framework developed for primary to tertiary levels
• Educational programmes developed for community and primary levels to enhance integrated care framework
• Ongoing educational partnerships with international institutions
> Including nursing team collaboration with International Ophthalmic Nursing Association and allied health training programmes’ accreditation
Leadership & Talent Management

• Prof Aung Tin appointed as Executive Director of SERI from 1 January 2014
• Deputy Medical Directors appointed for Research, Education and Clinical departments
• Academic appointments awarded to clinical educators and clinical scientists
• Support structures developed at cluster level and effort is made to provide protected time for educators similar to the CSAs

Formed in Q4 FY2011


• Research programmes streamlined from nine to five to focus on areas with greatest potential for international distinction
• Awarded ACP Program Grant in October 2013
• NEUROSC ACP and Duke-NUS were awarded A*STAR Translational Clinical Research Partnership grant award of $25 million over five years to support collaborative research projects in basic and translational clinical sciences

• NEUROSC ACP educators awarded for teaching excellence despite heavy clinical duties
• 83% (five out of six) of local and overseas applicants chose to specialise in SingHealth Neurology Senior Residency Program
• E-learning is increasingly used for learning, coursework, discussions and assessments
• ACP Program Grant application submitted to build an alternative Learning Management System beyond Blackboard
> Conduct e-learning activities for non-SingHealth employee learners
> Allow collection of learning analytic data to improve teaching and conduct education research
• Neurology Senior Residency Traning Guide developed and approved on 30 August 2013

Leadership & Talent Management
• NNI Health Research Endowment Fund for young clinicians who demonstrate research aptitude and passion
• NNI Singapore Post-Graduate Training Centre Fellowship offered to young neurosurgeons from development countries. The fellowship curriculum is accredited by the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies and approved in 2013


Formed in Q3 FY2012


• Office of Training and Education was established in 2013
• Broad-based attachment programme for Duke-NUS and NUS-YLL students launched
• Inaugural batch of 12 senior residents inducted (60% of the entire national cohort)
• Research retreat held in October 2013 focused on the setting up of the National Heart Research Institute Singapore
• National Research Institute of Singapore officially formed in December 2013
• Researchers developed the world’s first in-vitro heart-cell model of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy using patient’s skin cells
• Research genetics programme translated
> Inherited cardiac disease gene panel for molecular autopsy diagnostics currently used

• 4th CTO Interventions Live Course held on 4-5 October 2013 with live demonstrations transmitted from the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
• The Asia PCR-Live course (5th Edition) was held on 16-18 January 2014

• Competitive funding for research grants increased with six national research grants awarded in 2013
> Focus areas are cardiac genetics, quantitative advanced imaging, disease modeling and regenerative medicine

• SingCLOUD embarked to eventually link up cardiology patient databases across the nation’s restructured hospitals for sharing of outcomes, medication use and blood results
• Participation in regional networks such as the Asia-Pacific Evaluation of Cardiovascular Therapies Collaboration
• Sharp increase in postgraduate and undergraduate interest in cardiology research, from 31 opting to join the ACP for research attachments in 2013, compared to ten in 2012

Formed in Q4 FY2012


• Discovery of potential drug treatment for NK/T-cell lymphoma
• Uncovered workings of the gene hindering treatment response in cancer patients
• Discovery of world’s most potent carcinogen
• Scientific Advisory Board critical review completed in November 2013
• Addition of three clinician scientists in 2013, with one National CS award winner and two Cluster CS award winners
• Seed Funding programme proposed for young researchers

• 1st Singapore Sarcoma Consortium Education & Research Meeting launched
• Launch of general practitioners symposium to gauge interest of GPs in onocology. Curriculum development for the Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine equivalent course specifically for GPs to run cancer survivorship programmes
• Strategic aim for development of an Undergraduate Oncology Program to expose at least 30% of all medical students to a formal programme of oncology, in line with prevalence of cancer in local population
• Targeted set-up of electronic platform by 2016 for data management
• Aims to have ten certified medical educators by 2015

Clinical Services
• Plans to embed research into clinical sites
> Via consolidating practices at site-specific clinics for better delivery of patient-centric care
> Aid in the facilitation of translational research collaborations between scientists and clinicians

• Programme proposal to provide funding
> Development of clinical data management via coordinators
> Enhance clinical and research programmes

Formed in Q4 FY2012


• Trial in progress for South Asian locally advanced breast cancer with NCCS
• Setup of Translational Pathology Center with collaborative grant with SGH Pathology and other partnering institutes
• Collaboration in liver cancer medical device development and fluid base nanotechnology for protein analysis
• Ten collaborative and two competitive grants secured

• PATH ACP Communication Sessions 2013 conducted to share the progress of ACP implementation on October 2013 (at Academia) and November 2013 (at KKH)
• Digital and web-based technology adopted
• Clinical Pathology
• Continuation of NTU core Pathology module and elective (non-clinical) programme
• Guest lectures at Temasek Polytechnic
• Ongoing KKH-SGH Cytogenetics practical and tutorials at Singapore Polytechnic
• Continuation of Duke-NUS GMS Elective (Clinical) Program

Strategic Programme
• Projects execution to foster closer collaboration with existing partner institutes
• More intellectual, technical and informatics integration planned ahead
• Advanced technologies, analytical expertise and informatics infrastructure will be key focus areas of translational effort

Formed in Q1 FY2014


• Clinician-Investigator positions
> Provide protected time for physicians interested in research
• Research “Pitch for Funds” scheme established
• Provision of four Nurturing Research Grants
• Planned development
> Cluster-wide Online Medical Image Application
> Medical Image Research Database
• Niche areas identified
> Immune cell imaging
> Oncologic imaging

• To establish Clincian-Educator positions
• To create RADSC fellowship positions Staff Academic Physician Program
• Establish Staff Academic Physicians positions Strategy and Innovation
• Targeted seamless imaging IT capabilities across SingHealth
• Planned utility of Common RIS-PACS system for clinical services
• Engaging partners in industry and academic programs via
> Post-graduate Emerging Technologies Program
> Joint Innovation Projects Program

Clinical Services
• Staged roll-out of cluster-wide subspecialty RADSC clinical services
• Unified Paediatric Imaging Clinical Service planned
• Vascular and Interventional Radiology links between SGH and KKH to be further enhanced
• Aim to develop Unified Breast Imaging service