The National Medical Research Council (NMRC) awards are presented to clinician scientists and researchers to carry out translational and clinical research in Singapore – to transform patient care with their research.

Research teams from NNI and NCCS secured $35 million under the Open Fund – Large Collaborative Grant, a national competitive research fund that supports teams from public institutions who dedicate their efforts to advance research for improving human health and wellness.

Singapore PARKinson’s disease Translational Clinical Programme (SPARK)
The NNI team, headed by Professor Tan Eng King, Deputy Medical Director of Academic Affairs, Director of Research and Senior Consultant at the Department of Neurology, NNI received a $25 million grant for the Singapore PARKinson’s disease Translational Clinical Programme (SPARK). The study aims to discover new therapies to slow down or treat Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) affects 3 in 1000 Singaporeans above 50 years of age and the programme’s objectives include identifying new drugs to improve health outcomes in Parkinson’s disease. The team is also focusing on factors that influence disease progression and healthcare cost, so as to reduce the burden of the disease for patients, caregivers and wider society.

Singapore lYMPHoma translational study (SYMPHONY)
The NCCS team, headed by Professor Lim Soon Thye, Deputy Medical Director (Clinical), NCCS received a $10 million grant for the Singapore lYMPHoma translational study (SYMPHONY).

In spite of considerable efforts by many groups over multiple years, there remains significant challenges in the clinical management of patients with lymphoid malignancies. The study’s proposed research aims to provide fundamental understanding of the disease mechanisms in order to translate them into novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to improve survival in patients with lymphoma.

With these grants, SingHealth’s healthcare professionals are able to translate their work into tangible benefits for patients and continue to create an academic ecosystem where new ideas and research can thrive.

NMRC Award Winners
17 clinician scientists and researchers won talent development awards such as the Singapore Translational Research Investigator Awards, Clinician Scientist Awards and Transition Awards, which are presented to outstanding researchers who do internationally-competitive translational and clinical research. Nine budding clinician scientists were also recognised under the NMRC Research Training Fellowship and MOH Healthcare Research Scholarship programmes.

Below is the full list of winners.

Singapore Translational Research (STaR) Investigator Award

1. Prof Antonio Bertoletti

2. Prof David M. Virshup

3. Prof Karl Tryggvason

​Clinician Scientist Awards – Senior Investigator (CSA-SI)

4. Assoc Prof Ong Sin Tiong

5. Prof Ooi Eng Eong
    Duke-NUS, SingHealth

​Clinician Scientist Awards – Investigator (CSA-INV)

6. Asst Prof Melvin Chua
    NCCS, Duke-NUS

7. Asst Prof Calvin Chin
    NHCS, Duke-NUS

8. Asst Prof Donny Hoang
    SNEC, SERI, Duke-NUS

9. Asst Prof Dr Iain Tan
    NCCS, Duke-NUS

10. Assoc Prof Andrea Kwa
      SGH, Duke-NUS

11. Asst Prof Angela Koh
      NHCS, Duke-NUS

​Transition Awards

12. Asst Prof Dawn Chong
     NCCS, Duke-NUS

13. Asst Prof Tan Hong Chang
      SGH, Duke-NUS

14. Dr Pua Yong Hao

15. Asst Prof Tiffany Tang
      NCCS, Duke-NUS

16. Asst Prof Shweta Singhal
      SNEC, SERI, Duke-NUS

17. Dr Adeline Ng
      NNI, Duke-NUS

​NMRC Research Training Fellowship

18. Dr Troy Puar Hai Kiat

19. Asst Prof Liu Yu Chi
      SNEC, SERI, Duke-NUS

20. Dr Diana Chan
      SGH, Duke-NUS

21. Dr Nei Wen Long
      NCCS, Duke-NUS

​MOH Healthcare Research Scholarship – Master of Clinical Investigation (MCI) Programme

22. Dr Wang Fuqiang
      NCCS, Duke-NUS

23. Dr Clement Wu
      MOH Holdings Pte Ltd (SGH), Duke-NUS

24. Dr Sue-Ann Ng
      SGH, Duke-NUS

25. Dr Judith Wong
      KKH, Duke-NUS

26. Dr Vincent Tay
      MOH Holdings Pte Ltd (SGH), Duke-NUS

Our heartiest congratulations to all the award recipients from the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre!