​Healthcare professionals from West Bengal and Karnataka will receive training in critical care and pre-hospital emergency. In turn, they will train more than 1,300 other specialists in India. The programmes are the result of partnership between SingHealth and Indian authorities in the respective states.  Both programmes are supported by grants from Temasek Foundation International.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between SingHealth and the Government of West Bengal in January 2015. Under this partnership, SingHealth clinicians will equip healthcare professionals in West Bengal with advanced knowledge and skills in critical care over the course of a three-year programme. The training covers topics such as crisis and trauma management, as well as clinical protocols and patient safety systems.

Professor Chua Yeow Leng, Group Director, International Collaboration Office, SingHealth, said, "SingHealth is privileged to share our knowledge in this highly-specialised area, which we believe will make a meaningful, continuing impact on the people of West Bengal."

"This mutually beneficial collaboration will enable our healthcare teams to exchange best practices, sharpen critical care capabilities, and more importantly build a pipeline of competent and skilled critical care units to serve our respective countries."

Nurses from West Bengal undergoing training with the team from SingHealth.

Another MOU was signed in the state of Karnataka in June 2016 to improve survival outcomes by enhancing the competencies of emergency care teams in the state. Emergency care teams in Karnataka will be equipped with the skills to manage time-sensitive emergencies such as major trauma, cardiac arrest and burns. 

100 participants from West Bengal and 60 from Karnataka will be selected to be trained as Master Trainers, where they will attend a five-day training and clinical attachment at SGH. In turn, they are expected to train more than 1,300 other healthcare professionals when they return to India.

Hospital leaders from the respective states will also be attending workshops in Singapore on healthcare policies, governance and quality management.

Mr Benedict Cheong, Chief Executive, Temasek Foundation International, said, "This programme is a good platform for medical professionals of Karnataka and Singapore to learn new skills and exchange ideas in emergency care by strengthening their capabilities and respond it in a timely manner."

"With the appropriate medical skills, hospitals will be equipped to handle emergencies and serve better to the community in the areas of medical treatment and recovery."