Singapore’s first and only Public Cord Blood Bank, SCBB; demonstrated compliance with the NETCORD-FACT International Standards for Cord Blood Collection, Processing, Testing, Banking, Selection and Release. SCBB earned the FACT Accreditation for both Unrelated and Related Donation.

FACT is the only accrediting organisation that addresses all quality aspects of cellular therapy treatments: clinical care, donor management, cord blood collection, processing, storage and banking, transportation, administration, selection, and distribution.

FACT requirements are updated regularly through the collaboration and input of the most knowledgeable minds in the field of cord blood banking and related therapy.   NETCORD-FACT Standards are defined by leading experts based on the latest knowledge of the field of cord blood banking and SCBB has been found to be in compliance with these rigorous Standards.

The non-profit Public Cord Blood Bank currently has over 10,000 clinical cord blood units (CBUs) available for Unrelated Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants (HSCT).   The Public Cord Blood Inventory will increase the chances of finding a suitable cord blood match by another 20% to 60% - 80% for patients of Asian ethnicity with Blood Cancers and Disorders, that require a HSCT to survive.

FACT, an internationally recognised accreditation, has evolved into an all-but-necessary qualification to be accepted and competitive in the field of cellular therapy.   The achievement of FACT accreditation will allow both recipients and Transplant Physicians to gain confident and trust on SCBB’s quality of cord blood banking operations.   "We are pleased that Singapore Cord Blood Bank has met the requirements of the Foundation and has been granted accreditation for unrelated and related cord blood collection, banking and release for administration," said Dr. Phyllis I. Warkentin, FACT Medical Director.

Since 2006, SCBB has facilitated over 153 unrelated cord blood transplants from the publicly donated CBUs and 2 transplants through SCBB’s Related Donor Cord Blood Programme.   SCBB beneficiaries range from 1 year – 65 years (age) from Singapore and around the world, with an utilisation rate of 2.2%. Over 50% of the beneficiaries are from Singapore, with about 29% for paediatric patients and 71% for adult patients.

Dr William Hwang, Medical Director of SCBB, said, "In Singapore, about six people per day are diagnosed with blood cancer and disorder.   Cord blood can offer a hope for cure for these patients.   As the demand for unrelated cord blood units increases, it is necessary and more pertinent for Public Cord Blood Banks to adhere to higher standards of cord blood banking practices to provide high-quality cord blood units and give patients confidence for desirable transplant outcomes.   FACT’s recognition of SCBB’s excellence in cord blood banking practices for donated cord blood units would also encourage international patients to seek transplants in Singapore and thus further strengthen the nation’s position as a leading Medical Hub in the region."

With 10,000 unrelated cord blood transplants expected to be performed worldwide annually using publicly donated cord blood units by 2015, the accreditation comes as an assurance for Transplant Physicians and Patients in Singapore and around the world, that require the unique Asian lineage for a HSCT.

FACT, a US-based non-profit corporation, was co-founded by the International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) and the American Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation (ASBMT). The FACT Accreditation is a voluntary programme for Cord Blood Banks around the world.   The FACT Cord Blood Standards – developed by panels of experts and based on up-to-date knowledge of the cord blood banking field – meet or exceed the quality requirements of international Transplant Physicians. In many countries such as Europe, Australia and the USA, Transplant Physicians are more confident and prefer cord blood units for life-saving transplants from FACT-accredited Cord Blood Banks.