"I have been a radiation therapist for 12 years, and I have met patients from all aspects of life. From the rich, the poor, the young and the old, they all undergo radiotherapy for one reason, which is to fight cancer.

For patients undergoing radiation therapy for the head and neck, they are required to enter a customised shell – a gadget that helps the patient stay still in a fixed and well-defined position. Due to the limitation of movement, some of my patients may feel claustrophobic and panicky in it, but I will always make an effort to relieve their anxiety to ensure their safety.

The cancer patients I see often impress me with the strength that they possess. It is a very rewarding experience to journey with them, to listen and help them with the practical aspects of dealing with cancer."


Sin Sze Yarn
Senior Radiation Therapist
National Cancer Centre Singapore

Tags: Radiation Therapist, Allied Health