​Having a common research goal, a love for science and dedication for research are all important factors for a research team to succeed. But more importantly, there must also be good teamwork and collaboration – not just within members of the (research) team but among labs as well.   After all, no single team/lab possesses all the expertise it needs to succeed.

As a researcher, some challenges I face include obtaining sufficient research funding and being able to recruit quality research fellows.   Perhaps more time is needed for us to establish our reputation in the research arena, but as we continue to publish high quality research works, I am sure we can achieve our goals.

My proudest moment so far was to have my first PhD student graduate last year. Our research team also filed our first international patent during the same time.”


Dr Shang Li
Principal Investigator,
Cancer and Stem Cell Biology
Duke-NUS Medical School


Winner of the Peace Prize Award at the SingHealth Duke-NUS Research Appreciation Awards 2017.

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