​What is a birthday party without cookies? To kick off the SGH200 celebrations this year, SGH kitchen baked 1,800 cranberry macadamia nut cookies for our inpatients at SGH, Outram Community Hospital and National Heart Centre Singapore.

Our senior management went around on 4 January 2021 to share the treat with patients in SGH, Outram Community Hospital and National Heart Centre wards.

Our kitchen colleagues put much thought into coming up with the delicious and healthy cranberry macadamia nut cookies for our patients. They even went to the trouble to have packaging that was easy for the patients to tear, and a design that looked as great as the cookies tasted.

A whopping 25kg of flour and almost 20kg of butter, besides the cranberries and nuts, were used  to make the 1,800 pieces of treats. 

Work began two days before. The cookies were baked on Saturday and left to cool till the next day before they were finally sealed early on Monday, just before they were distributed. 

The cookies were then sent to Patient Experience Communication and Development (PECD) Division for packing and distribution to the wards.

22 PECD colleagues came together early on Monday morning to pack the 1,800 cookies into the specially-printed packaging.


Then 42 members from various levels of our management went to visit our patients in the wards, bearing the special treats. 

Our nurses, sure know how to throw a celebration! They never fail to liven up the mood with their AMAZING decorations. 

Many patients were surprised and happy to join in our birthday celebration. “Wah, SGH is 200?!”, “The packaging is so pretty. I can’t bear to eat the cookie” and “Happy Birthday, SGH” were some of the many positive comments and well wishes from our patients.

Cookie Encounter helped me to remember why we are working at SGH in the first place - to put patients at the heart of all we do. A big thank you to the many volunteers from the different departments who came forward to be part of this celebration. Can’t wait for the many more SGH200 events to come. Till then, stay safe and hold on to your party hats, because it’s going to be a FANTASTIC year!

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