SINGAPORE – Fake advertisements that use the Singapore General Hospital’s (SGH) logo to sell health products have been circulating online, prompting the hospital to warn the public against them.

In a Facebook post on June 4, SGH said it has come to its attention that advertisements on social media platforms are using its logo to promote health products.

A photo accompanying the post showed a collage of four fake advertisements, touting products such as pulse oximeters and eye drops that claim to solve near-sightedness and astigmatism.

“Fake ads are created by cyber criminals with the intent of impersonating a brand for scam,” said the hospital.

“SGH does not promote, advertise or endorse any particular brand or product in accordance with the Healthcare Services Act.”

The hospital advises those interested in buying health products online to speak to their doctor to find out if the product is suitable for them. They should also not purchase from unfamiliar or suspicious sources, and not be duped by false claims.

Scams in Singapore hit a record high of 46,563 reported cases in 2023 – the highest number since the police started tracking them in 2016.

The 2023 figure is up 46.8 per cent from the 31,728 cases in 2022, and victims lost a total of $651.8 million in 2023.