The spanking new Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) is not only built to better cater to the healthcare needs of the population in the north-east, it also demonstrates how a space can be designed for multiple uses. Let's check out these interesting corners and find out what they can be used for!

This is the second installment of a two-part series introducing the new SKH Campus. Read our first installment on Cosy Corners at SKCH here.


1) Community Heart

In keeping with the people-centric focus of the SKH campus, the centrally located 'Community Heart' combines pockets of landscape and seating areas within open spaces at SKH's ground level. As a hospital within the heartlands, its physical porosity and permeable design encourages interaction between staff, patients, caregivers and the public through art programmes and events.


Here, you will find striking mixed-media sculpture "Rhythms of Nature" (above), offering an artistic respite for patients and their caregivers amidst the hospital's healing environment. Part of the Arts in Healing project, this visual centrepiece is a fusion of three genres of the installation arts – kinetic, sculpture and digital technology. Its Augmented Reality (AR) component, easily accessible via your mobile phone, magically transports patients, staff and the community to a world where cherry blossoms, bouncing fishes and healthy fruits are in abundance.


2) Auditorium

With a seating capacity of 250 pax, the space is designed to hold events such as townhalls, conferences, and so on. It also has live-streaming capabilities, allowing those from SKH to participate in events held on other SingHealth campuses remotely.

What's best is that the seats are fully retractable, leaving a space large enough for staff to play badminton or use as a multipurpose hall for other sporting activities such as yoga or aerobics. How convenient and what a smart use of space!


3) Ground floor walkways

The hospital's wide and spacious walkways allow patients and visitors to move between different blocks on SKH Campus with ease. Every Friday evening, the walkway between the General Hospital and Medical Centre is fitted out with exercise equipment to engage the community in dance workouts and fun exercises at no charge. Known as "Sporty Friday", this is SKH's ongoing community health outreach conducted in collaboration with ActiveSG and Sport SG. All are free to join in!


Credit: Text by Sengkang General Hospital Communications Department