​The SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Medical Simulation (SIMS) offers a wide variety of simulation-based training across SingHealth institutions.

It includes the largest clinical skills lab in the region, simulated operating theatres, a mini-hospital, resuscitation rooms, ward set-ups, as well as high fidelity manikins, standardised patients and realistic scenarios to enhance hands-on training.

Wet procedural skills lab


Located in Academia, it is among the largest clinical skills lab in the region. It is equipped with a comprehensive range of surgical tools, cadaver dissection tables and cadaveric specimens. It has a modular system with fully reconfigurable furniture to support multiple training sessions and allows for a surgical test bed, where new technologies can be developed.

Multi-camera, multi-screen video displays, recording systems with remote observation and a control room for telemedicine also aids in the advancement of training for healthcare professionals.

Surgical simulation training centre


The centre is furnished with a variety of simulation equipment, ranging from basic task trainers (for example, suturing pads) to high fidelity simulation for minimally invasive endoscopic endovascular procedures.

Simulated Operating Theatre in the SIMS Mini Hospital


The Simulated Operating Theatre (OT) is a replica of a typical operating theatre with a fully functional, integrated operating system. Computerised manikins replicate the symptoms and distress of real patients, simulating emergency situations.

Simulated Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the SIMS Mini Hospital


Two simulation rooms with mannequins and actual medical equipment simulate different medical conditions and situations found in actual ICU scenarios for realistic practice. Sessions are recorded for post-event evaluations and improvements are made to existing procedures.

Simulated Ward in the SIMS Mini Hospital


A replica of a typical four-bedded hospital ward. It is fully equipped with facilities commonly found in wards in a clinical setting so that healthcare professionals can practise in a realistic scenario to prepare them for real-life situations.

The KK Women's and Children's Hospital Simulation Centre


The KKH Simulation Centre has four simulation labs equipped to mock-up different medical scenarios. The centre features high-fidelity neonatial mannequins and paediatric simulators to provide training in high risk and low volume areas of paediatric acute medicine, critical care, anaesthesia and emergency medicine.


The Sengkang Health (SKH) campus is under construction and is targeted for completion in 2018.  The SKH simulation facilities will include a simulated OT, an intensive care room, a high-dependency room, standard wards, medical consultation rooms, Allied Health treatment rooms, lecture rooms and debrief areas.

Currently, SKH is based in Alexandra Hospital, which is equipped with a training centre consisting three clinical skills laboratories.  To simulate an actual clinical environment in an area with limited resources, most simulation-based education is conducted in-situ.

Duke-NUS Medical School

Duke-NUS is equipped with state-of-the-art educational facilities.  This includes an Amphitheatre, classrooms and teaching labs, which are equipped to conduct mannequin simulation training.