Finding trustworthy information online about common medical conditions is tough, but a new portal created by medical professionals here aims to change that.

Called LearningIn10, the portal features around 150 videos on 15 topics such as paediatrics, infectious diseases, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynaecology.

The videos, now available to the public, run for 10 minutes and feature mainly slides and a voice-over explanation by a medical specialist or a faculty member from the Sing- Health Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre.

The portal was officially launched yesterday at the SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress 2016, held at the Singapore General Hospital campus.

“Initially, we used these videos for teaching medical students and trainees... but our students gave us feedback that the videos enhanced the teaching, so we thought we could open them up to the whole world,” said Associate Professor Tan Thiam Chye, one of the Duke-NUS faculty members behind the portal.

“The videos are peer-reviewed, which is important, because for medical knowledge, sometimes accuracy is an issue – a lot of knowledge is available, but not all of it is accurate,” he noted.

The videos will be updated as and when the medical information becomes outdated, he said.

He hopes the portal will eventually have around 1,000 videos. Another 150 or so videos are being developed currently.

Business graduate Evepreet Kaur, 23, said: “I would use the portal to feed my curiosity about certain topics, but not heavily as many of the videos are highly technical.”

She added: “For the general public, it would probably be more useful to have an annex to explain the terms better.”

At the same event, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong reiterated the need to tackle the “intensified care needs” of Singapore’s rapidly ageing population through research and education.