“My late mother was a head nurse at a hospital in the Philippines. She was strong willed and worked till her last days, even though she was on dialysis and blind in her right eye. She was my inspiration to become a nurse and continues to be my source of strength as I care for my patients.

She passed away last year, during the thick of the pandemic when boarders were closed. Six months after that, my father too passed away from terminal lung cancer. This time though, I was able to return home to care for him briefly before he passed away.

I’m so grateful to my colleagues for giving me the space to grieve, and helping me cope with the pain of losing both parents. Today, I continue to honour my family as I care for the elderly patients at Sengkang Community Hospital’s rehabilitation ward, just as they were my own parents.”

- Ms Pulgan Shenna Grace Acosta, Staff Nurse, Sengkang Community Hospital