Professor Robert Kamei steps down as Vice Dean of Education at Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS) today and takes on a new role as Associate Provost (Education) at the National University of Singapore.

Since 2006, Prof Kamei has directed the development and operations of education programmes at Duke-NUS. He directed the start-up of the new school and the importing of the curriculum from Duke University School of Medicine.

Under his leadership, the Duke-NUS education team developed the TeamLEAD pedagogical method and introduced it for the first time in Singapore. The strategy involves a “flipped classroom” where students study their materials before coming to class, come prepared and use the precious face-to-face contact in the classroom to solve problems with their peers and instructor. This new approach to teaching was subsequently copied in Duke University and several educational institutes in Singapore.

For his contributions in education, Prof Kamei was named recipient of the Outstanding Educator in Residence Awards by the Singapore Ministry of Education.