Trained as an intensive care unit nurse in India, I was initially not used to the slower pace of geriatric care when she joined Ren Ci Nursing Home as a staff nurse 10 years ago. I moved to Ren Ci Community Hospital a year later and has since found great fulfilment in my work.

I manage a team of nurses to care for some 40 elderly patients. I am actively involved in projects aimed at reducing pressure sores as well as fall risks among elderly patients.

As a team, we also redesigned the hospital’s admission-to-discharge process to improve patient and caregiver experience. We also worked with physiotherapists and occupational therapists to create a workflow where caregivers are updated regularly on the rehabilitation progress of their loved ones.

Patients and their families trust that they will get good care in the hospital and it’s important that we don’t betray that trust. I believe that we deliver better care when we treat each patient as a unique individual.

Lingaraj Prabha
Nurse Manager, Ward 13
Ren Ci Community Hospital

Winner of the Superstar–Nursing (ILTC) Award, Singapore Health Quality Service Awards 2018