"Despite having haemophobia (abnormal and persistant fear of blood), I answered a mysterious call to follow a vocation that makes a difference for individuals in need. I've never regretted my decision to be a nurse as this profession has allowed me to achieve things I never knew I could.

For instance, I have been given the opportunity to participate in medical missions where I can help patients from remote villages. I worked with surgeons to perform procedures for craniofacial anomalies and reconstructive surgeries. 

During a mission to Hainan, China, I saw a mother covering her child with a towel to hide the child's cleft lip and palate. It was sad to see kids who had never smiled.  Despite the challenges that came with working in an unfamiliar environment, the resilience of the local people and smiles of the postoperative patients gave me motivation to keep giving my best."


Ong Shihui
Nurse Clinician, Ward 43
Singapore General Hospital


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