"Breast imaging is a challenging job and it requires exceptional people skills.  Women or men do not look forward to have their mammograms done and most of the times they are very anxious about being diagnosed with breast cancer.  As a radiographer with the breast imaging team, I have the opportunity to make what could be an unpleasant experience into a better and assuring one.

Using a series of different unique tests to produce images of various parts of the body which allow doctors to see detailed information about the structural or disease-related changes, radiology is central to the detection, staging and treatment of diseases.

Our department ensures that image quality and standards are consistently at its best. Being able to care for our patients together with a great team is meaningful and rewarding. One of my most memorable moments at work is when the detection of breast cancer saved my patient, not once by twice due to recurrence. She was able to receive the treatments promptly and was very thankful for the detection. She now returns for her annual follow-ups. It’s heartening to know that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life."


Karen Tan Pei Pei
Principal Radiographer (Clinical)
Division of Radiological Sciences
Singapore General Hospital


Tags: Radiographer, Allied Health