As an oncology nurse at the Ambulatory Treatment Unit at the National Cancer Centre Singapore, Adele is responsible for administering chemotherapy to treat patients with cancer. She also takes the opportunity to find out how they are coping and give them self-care tips including how to clean their catheters and manage uncomfortable side effects such as loss of appetite, nausea and hair loss.

Her professional and caring demeanour helps put patients at ease during their course of treatment. To continuously improve care outcomes for her patients, Adele also actively participates in research and quality improvement projects.

Adele is not one to rest on her laurels; she is currently pursuing a Master of Nursing programme at the National University of Singapore as she hopes to advance her knowledge to be a better clinician.

Outside of work, she finds fulfilment as an active volunteer with local and overseas humanitarian organisations. This started when she was a nursing student and was part of the Youth Expedition Projects in Yunnan, China, and Cambodia, where she assisted with health screenings and the building of sanitation facilities for the communities there.

In Singapore, her altruistic desire led her to volunteer with HealthServe, a non-profit organisation set up to provide medical care to migrant workers. At the clinic, she performs basic nursing tasks such as wound dressing, blood taking, medication administration and dispensation.

Adele also volunteers with the Children’s Cancer Foundation as a Befriender. She remembers a special friendship with a four-year-old boy diagnosed with terminal brain cancer whom she would visit weekly and engaged in fun activities such as arts and crafts. Almost a year has passed since he succumbed to the illness, but Adele remains in contact with his mother to provide emotional support. To her, this is part and parcel of “being human” and caring.

Adele Woon Pei Ning
Senior Staff Nurse
Ambulatory Treatment Unit
National Cancer Centre Singapore

Recipient of the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards (SHQSA) 2019 Superstar Award - Nursing Category