​Nurses are extraordinary people, dedicated to their vocation, selflessly providing care and comfort to patients and their families, often at the most difficult of times. The drive to go the extra mile to help those in their care is second nature to many of them. As we celebrate Nurses’ Day this year, we share the stories of some of our nurses who exceeded their call of duty to lend a hand to patients in need.



Corine Teng
Senior Enrolled Nurse, Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC)

Nursing wasn’t her first choice, confesses Corine. She had wanted to join the army, but at the persuasion of her father, went into nursing. She has spent 20 years at SNEC caring for patients at the Glaucoma Clinic, assisting in evaluating their conditions, teaching them how to apply medication and comforting them before and after surgery. Through her years of service, Corine understands the importance of ensuring that eye treatment is accessible to everyone. This motivates her to not only give towards VisionSave, a philanthropic drive spearheaded by SNEC and Singapore Eye Research Institute, but also to be an advocate by actively fundraising for VisionSave, especially during staff events and the SingHealth President’s Challenge.

“I believe, in life it is better to give than to receive. That is why I feel honoured to be able to play a part in VisionSave initiatives. Most of our patients have a long-term relationship with SNEC and understand the cause. I am encouraged by their willingness and generosity to give” said Corine.



Tay Li Kheng
Senior Nurse Manager, SNEC

Li Kheng has always felt she was fated be a nurse. Like Corine, she has been a nurse at SNEC for over 20 years and currently serves at the outpatient clinic. Apart from the satisfaction she gets from putting a smile on a patient’s face, she experiences immense joy in giving. Li Kheng has been a regular donor to VisionSave and supports ongoing fundraising activities to help needy patients. According to Li Kheng, knowing that her contributions will further research for new and more effective therapeutics, fund the continuous education for healthcare professionals and support patients in need, assures her that her contributions, as well as that of other donors, are utilised well.

“There are so many people around us who need help and we are fortunate to be able to give” said Li Kheng. “I would like to encourage everyone to give to a good cause and experience the joy of making a difference in someone’s life.” 



Nurses at Ward 44, Changi General Hospital (CGH) showcase their collective spirit

Shifts at Ward 44 - Medical High Dependency and Acute Stroke Units at CGH -  are often busy and tiring but that does not deter its nurses from doing their part to help patients in need.

Since 2013, nurses at Ward 44 have been organising activities to fundraise for CGH’s HomeCare Assist (HCA) fund. The Fund ensures that needy patients with chronic illnesses or conditions continue to be cared for in their own homes after discharge. Since its launch in 2002, HCA has helped more than 5,000 patients in need access essential consumables and treatments.

“Volunteering to help Singaporeans in need allows us to connect with our community and make it a better one” said ANC Cheryl Ng Wun Inn, one of the nurses who led last year’s fundraising efforts. SSN Jodi Theodora Tan Hui May added that, “Indeed, it can be very tiring after a busy shift, but we all share a common goal, which is to raise funds and help the needy”.

To help raise funds for HCA, nurses in Ward 44 tap on Singaporeans’ love for food by selling local delicacies and tidbits such as lekor chips, sotong balls, Ku Cinta Kueh, seaweed chicken, assorted cakes and more. “Our CGH staff are very supportive. They always come forward to support our sales and when other departments or units approach us in their fundraising efforts, we are also ready to lend a helping hand,” said ANC Chan Chieh.


Rokiah Binte Sulaiman
Principal Enrolled Nurse, Ward 56, National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS)

As a young girl, Rokiah wanted to follow in the footsteps of her aunt who was a nurse. In 1985 she realised this aspiration by joining the Nursing profession. Today, Rokiah serves as a nurse at NHCS and in addition to her patient care duties, she plays a critical role in educating patients and their caregivers on self-care post discharge, and guiding junior nurses and students on clinical practice. Rokiah also goes the extra mile by making monthly contributions to NHCS’ Heart To Heart Fund.

Rokiah shared that in her current clinical setting, most patients have heart conditions that require lifelong care. Some require implanted devices to sustain their lives. “The cost of such treatment is often a major concern for patients and can affect them emotionally and psychologically, prolonging their recovery. I hope that my monthly contributions, together with that of others, can help to tide these patients through difficult times” said Rokiah.


Sin Kang Ling Kelly
Senior Staff Nurse (Clinical), Cardiac Clinics, NHCS

Kelly followed her passion to care for the sick by joining NHCS as a nurse nine years ago. Her role is multifaceted - helping patients arrange for investigations and follow-ups, administering blood tests and injections, providing financial counselling to patients and their families, and handling patient enquiries among other tasks.

She shared that as a primary school student, she witnessed the generosity and kindness of her father, a hawker, who gave an old man a free meal because he did not have enough money to pay for it. While Kelly did not fully understand her father’s actions at the time, the incident left a deep impression on her. Following her father’s example, she has been donating to help the poor since she started working in 2011. At NHCS, Kelly has also been a regular donor.

“In 2014, the Courage Fund helped me cover the cost of my Nursing degree. Now it is my turn to pay it forward. I am glad that I can help patients by giving to the Heart To Heart Fund” said Kelly.



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