Two nurses are celebrating their 10th year working at Changi General Hospital (CGH) with a charity sale to support patients in financial need.

Senior Nurse Manager (SNM) Jane Straaten and Assistant Nurse Clinician (ANC) Tay Meng Eng met in National University Hospital’s Renal Unit 30 years ago and have been working together ever since. In 2009, they joined Changi General Hospital CGH to take on their next career challenge, which was to set up the Renal Dialysis Unit.

“It was really an experience starting the department from scratch at CGH,” remembers SNM Jane.  A section of a carpark and porch were allocated to be converted into the Renal Dialysis Unit. 

Renovation began in November 2009 and the space was transformed into a spacious well-equipped Dialysis Unit in January 2010, housing an Inpatient Haemodialysis Section, Peritoneal Dialysis Section and a Pre-Dialysis Education Section. With the help of dedicated staff, the unit has continued to grow over the last few years. 

The cost of dialysis can be a financial burden for patients, so the Renal Dialysis Unit nurses have been thinking of ways to do more to help their patients. 

“The idea of a HomeCare Assist charity sale has been floating around, and the team decided to do something special to mark our ten years in CGH. We chose to hold the sale on 26 November as it is also the birthday of our team member who has dedicated 30 years of her nursing career to  the renal specialty, so it will be a double celebration!” shares SNM Jane.

HomeCare Assist supports patients in need of interim assistance when they are discharged from CGH. The cost of post-discharge needs can add up and over time, deplete the savings of low-income families. HomeCare Assist supports patients by paying for items and services such as nutritional feeds, respiratory equipment and co-payment for renal dialysis during the patients’ recovery journey. 

The theme of the charity sale is ‘All Kinds of Everything for all Kinds of Needs,’ to appeal to hospital visitors, staff and residents living nearby. Items on sale include goodies, such as home-made cookies, brownies, popcorn, and nonya chili paste as well as women’s bags, accessories, clothes, and more!


All Kinds of Everything for all Kinds of Needs

Date: Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Time: 9am – 3pm

Venue: The Atrium (next to Starbucks), Level 1, Main Building, Changi General Hospital.

Unable to attend the charity sale? You can still celebrate SNM Jane and ANC Tay's decade-long career in CGH by donating to HomeCare Assist via: or scan the QR code below

For more information, about the sale and giving opportunities, please contact CGH's Development Office at