Rajashulakshana D/O Rajaram, Nurse Clinician (Advanced Practice Nurse), SGH and Nanthakumahrie D/O Gunasegaran, Nurse Clinician, SGH are among the 12 SGH Nurses who were conferred the Nurses’ Merit Award 2020. Both Raja and Nantha expressed gratitude in receiving the award, and shared their thoughts and inspirations on working in the nursing field. (Source: Mediacorp Seithi, 16 Jul)

Berita Harian featured Juraihah Hj Mohd Saleh, Nurse Clinician, NHCS, one of the winners of the Nurses’ Merit Award 2020. She shared that nursing is her first love and that it has been her ambition since young. The report noted that Juraihah is cheerful, sincere and compassionate when caring for her patients and these attributes have garnered her praises from her supervisors. Juriah also thanked Tina Teo Poh Tin, Nurse Manager, NHCS for her support and encouragement. (Source: Berita Harian, 20 Jul)