​"Nuclear Medicine is one of the arms of functional imaging in Radiology which involves the use of open sources of radioactivity for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It allows us to image the functional aspects of disease processes and even measure them. The majority of my work involves diagnostic imaging, although I am also involved in treating some cancers with radioisotopes. I see these patients in clinics and decide the most appropriate treatment option. 

Illness comes in many forms. The clinical symptoms, laboratory findings and medical images are all parts of a big jigsaw puzzle. When I'm able to fit in a few missing pieces through my expertise and make an impact on the clinical decision making of the clinician, I feel most rewarded.

For me, Radiology is the ability to see how a particular disease looks like and show it to the treating physician with my interpretation.

One of my mentors taught me the art of empathy. I remember sharing with him about how I was upset at the irrational behaviour of a patient. He suggested for me to try thinking that this patient could have been my own father. I did that and it worked. That very day I learnt empathy and I've been practising it ever since."

Dr Bharadwaj Pushan
Department of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging
Singapore General Hospital