"I thought about quitting just three months into my job.  But Ms Lim Suh Fen, my supervisor, encouraged me to push on and not give up so easily.  She saw the potential in me and believed that I could do better.  I am glad I stayed on, I will be celebrating my 16 years of service with NHCS this year.

Serving at the frontline, I have my fair share of ups and downs, but I overcame them with the support of my family, colleagues and supervisors.  The thought of them being there for me somehow turns even my worst days into good ones.  I have had many memorable moments with patients.  When clinic consultations run late, some patients would offer my team snacks as they were worried we would be hungry.  Their kind gestures touched my heart and made my day so many times."


Norzana Binte Ayub
Senior Patient Services Officer, Cardiac Clinics
National Heart Centre Singapore


Tags: Patient Services Officer, Administrator