Dr Ng Heok Hee, SingHealth Academy
Assoc Prof Lai Siang Hui, Editor, Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare and Senior Consultant, Pathology, Singapore General Hospital
Assoc Prof Lo Yew Long, Chief Editor, Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare and Head and Senior Consultant, Neurology, National Neuroscience Institute

In various guises, the Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare is nearly a quarter of a century old. Like young adults coming of age, the journal has gained a measure of identity and competence.

With this in mind, it is only logical to take the next evolutionary step for the journal by adopting SAGE Publishing as our new publisher. The journal may look different in terms of cover and page layout, but we remain committed to academic and editorial excellence.
To this end, we have adopted several measures which will enhance the value of the journal as a leading platform for the dissemination of medical knowledge within (and without) Southeast Asia.
These include the formulation of a coherent editorial policy, the adoption of a new, more user-friendly website, the availability of online, ahead-of-print publishing, as well as providing authors with he option of including supplementary information (e.g. videos, additional data) with their articles.
These changes are not restricted to the journal per se, but will also include its editorial leadership; the composition of the editorial board will change to better reflect the journal’s expansion, both in terms of coverage breadth, as well as regional (and global) focus.
We like to think of our partnership with SAGE Publishing not as a milestone, but merely one of many important steps for the journal’s growth in better serving the medical
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