The SGH Biomechanics lab and Instron formalised their research partnership in biomechanical testing methodologies and devices at an MOU signing ceremony today.

The projects they are developing are in the fields of characterisation of bio tissues and cells including muscle, tendons, ligaments and bones; as well as biomechanical testing of materials and bioengineered tissues including biological scaffold.

SGH CEO Professor Ang Chong Lye said, “The multidisciplinary nature of the field allows the formation of many valuable co-operative partnerships. It is in this spirit of building partnerships that the Biomechanics Laboratory and Instron reached out to each other.”

The SGH Biomechanics Lab has been involved in various biomechanics research ranging from surgical repairs, suture and implants performance, medical imaging, 3D printing capability, and tissue engineering research. 

At the ceremony, Instron shared that there had been ongoing discussions on the licensing and commercialising the Lab’s recent invention – a test set up that allows measurement of gliding resistance and friction coefficient of flexor tendon after repair or implant.

Said Prof Ang, “This MOU formalises the partnership between both parties to work with each other, and commit to a future exchange of capital and resources, for the benefit of our patients.”