Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong officiates the groundbreaking of Singapore’s newest community hospital located within the SGH Campus today.

Slated for completion by 2020, the new Outram Community Hospital (OCH) will add another 550 community beds to our healthcare system and play a key role in supporting the needs of our nation’s growing and ageing population by delivering the appropriate care at the right time and the right place.

The co-location of OCH within SGH campus will allow patients who require extended but less intensive care, to be transferred seamlessly from acute care in SGH to the adjacent community hospital. Not only will patients benefit from the co-management of the clinical care provided by SGH, the five SingHealth National Specialty Centres and OCH healthcare teams, the smooth transition of patients from one care setting to another will also ensure that they receive continuous care during their recovery.

"The new model of care at the community hospital will focus on optimising patients’ recovery to prepare them to transit back to their home. With this end in mind, the rehabilitation process starts early, while patients are still receiving their inpatient medical treatment so that they can get a head start in the healing process. Rehabilitation spaces are also incorporated into the design of the hospital so that our facilities double up as areas where patients’ rehabilitation can take place," said Prof Ang Chong Lye, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer, SingHealth and Chief Executive Officer, SGH.

Rehabilitation in Every Space

Every space within OCH is designed with rehabilitation in mind. For example, dayrooms are integrated into each ward where patients can practise their exercises or undergo therapy sessions. A spacious rooftop garden will house built-in rehabilitation facilities to develop functional tasks such as getting in and out of vehicles and gardening. An Activities of Daily Living Centre will also be set up like a typical two-room flat, simulating a home environment where patients can practise performing daily activities such as making beverages, chopping food or cooking under the guidance of a therapist.

As part of OCH’s extension of care offerings, it will also house a dialysis facility, the first of its kind in a community hospital setting. The inpatient and outpatient dialysis centre will provide the convenience of receiving dialysis within the same building while still warded in the hospital. The centre will also continue to meet the need for dialysis for discharged patients.

OCH will also provide an elderly friendly environment so that elderly patients can move around safely and confidently within the hospital. This extends to the building's entrances and drop off points, waiting areas, consultation rooms, common facilities as well as way finding around the facility.

Developing Community Partnerships

Beyond the physical design, OCH will be extending its reach to further support patients after discharge. The hospital will be actively working with community partners to integrate inpatient rehabilitation services with those in the community. One such partner is HCA Hospice Care, who will be providing outpatient services at the new hospital. The network of community partners will help to ensure the smooth transition of care for patients at different phases of their journey when they leave the hospital.

Connectivity and Convenience

In addition to being near to transportation nodes and connectivity to SGH Campus, an additional 1,000 car parking lots will be available for the convenience of patients and visitors. The new complex will also accommodate a Campus logistics centre and clinical support offices to create the much needed capacity for this decade.