The KK Human Milk Bank has launched a “milk depot” to provide secure and convenient access to human milk donations for babies in need.

One of the first in the world, the “milk depot” features special freezer lockers with secure PIN numbers, each capable of storing up to 20 litres of milk. Its strategic location near the taxi stand at KKH enables registered donors or recipients to deposit or collect donated milk anytime, at their convenience. This is arranged via a call or text with the KK Human Milk Bank team during working hours.

Within the lockers, milk remains securely frozen until collection. Automated systems allow for timely response in the event of machine malfunction, to ensure that the quality of the donor milk is maintained.

Ensuring a secure supply of life-saving donor milk for babies

“We developed this initiative to bridge the needs of our vulnerable patients and selfless donors amidst evolving health situations, so that we can continue to steadily grow our reserve of donor milk and give more babies the best chance at survival,” said Associate Professor Chua Mei Chien, Director, KK Human Milk Bank.

With the launch of the “milk depot” in November 2022, the KK Human Milk Bank can continue to operate and maintain a ready supply of donor milk for vulnerable infants, even during times of pandemic, when physical interactions may be restricted.

The KK Human Milk Bank is Singapore’s first and only donor milk bank providing pasteurised donor human milk to infants. On average, the KK Human Milk Bank has about five new recipients a day and has dispensed more than 15, 000 litres of donor milk generously contributed by more than 1,200 donors as of June 2024.

​Make a contribution to the KKH Human Milk Bank and help save lives

Breast milk provides babies with optimal nutrition, and promotes growth, digestion and better long-term development. It can be lifesaving for premature and sick babies who are prone to feeding intolerance and intestinal disease. It also offers protection from infections to help them thrive.

For more information about KK Human Milk Bank and how you can be a donor or recipient, please contact the team at +65 6394 1986, or visit