"I have been an occupational therapist in breast cancer rehabilitation for 17 years.  Undergoing therapy to regain mobility and function may sound straightforward but it is as much a psychological challenge as a physical task for most patients.  No two patients are alike.  Women who have had a mastectomy, for instance, need more emotional support during the course of their rehabilitation.  I always try to put myself in their shoes and use intervention approaches that best meet their individual needs.

Over time, when I build a rapport with them and gain their trust, they understand that I'm doing it for their own good and want them to recover in the shortest amount of time.  Sometimes the process is hard, especially when patients get frustrated or hostile. But there's no reason to ever lose hope. Being able to make a difference for breast cancer survivors and witnessing their lives turn around, that is the greatest reward for me."

Nancy Ang
Senior Principal Occupational Therapist, Department of Occupational Therapy
Singapore General Hospital


Winner of the Superstar–Allied Health Award, Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2016.  Click here to view her video.


Tags: Occupational Therapist, Allied Health