• Over 300 performers brought bi-centennial celebrations to patients through music and songs that defined Singapore’s  journey over the years

• Singapore Comedian Kumar and Entertainer Irene Ang performed to patients for the first time

10 May 2019 – Relive our kampong days – that was the theme of this year’s MusicFest@SGH Campus. Through songs reminiscent of Singapore’s early days, the largest concert was held on a hospital campus on Friday, 10 May 2019, coincided with the nation’s bi-centennial celebrations. 

Traditional Malay music ensemble Sri Mahligai and Chinese xinyao singer Jason Chung were two established local names among the 300 singers and performers who whisked patients and visitors back to the past. Sri Mahligai performed “Bengawan Solo”, the famous song about Indonesia’s Solo River from the 1940s beloved by not just the Malay community but all Singaporeans alike.  Mr Chung performed the evergreen – the Mandarin-language 《小人物的心声》 (Voice from the Heart), the catchy theme song about the man in the street from the long running 1986 TV series, 《芝麻绿豆》 (Neighbours), and other xinyao hits including the classic, 《人生如梦》 (Life is but a Dream).
“We are happy to have performers bring different musical genres and from various eras to our patients and visitors. Music has this ability to stimulate the senses and we hope that through this concert, there will be one moment that takes our patients down memory lane and help them relive their youth,” said Professor Kenneth Kwek, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore General Hospital.  
As with the first MusicFest@SGH Campus in 2013, this year’s edition was presented by Novartis and jointly organised by SGH and Sing’theatre. 
Ms Nathalie Ribette, artistic and executive director of Sing’theatre, said: “We are very pleased to showcase the evolution of our music industry and how it grew with Singapore’s history.  We want to do our part by not only playing music from yesteryear, but also by preserving and appreciating the iconic classics for the younger generation of performers and listeners.”   
Ms Celine Landie, Delegate Country President of Novartis Singapore, added: “Novartis Singapore is proud to enable MusicFest@SGH Campus for the seventh consecutive year.  We feel honoured to have over 100 of our associates bring smiles to patients and caregivers as we celebrate Singapore’s bi-centennial together as one community.”    
The 7th edition of MusicFest@SGH Campus on Friday, 10 May 2019, kicked off at 10.30am, with performers bringing love, music and memories to every corner of SGH Campus. Besides the wards, the musicians performed outside the SGH Specialist Outpatient Clinics at Block 3, the Healing Garden at Bowyer Block, the Singapore National Eye Centre, National Heart Centre Singapore and National Cancer Centre Singapore.  
Patients and visitors who wanted to showcase their talents—be they seasoned performers, aspiring songbirds, or just to conquer their stage fright -- did so at the walkway outside SGH Block 4 Learning Space, where an open mic session was available through the day. 
As with the earlier MusicFest@SGH, the event culminated in a grand concert at 7pm at SGH Quad. It was hosted by nostalgia-loving Irene Ang and stand-up comedian Kumar who tickled the audience’s funny bone and brought the day’s festivities to a fun and fitting end at 8pm. 

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