SINGAPORE – Bukit Panjang MP Liang Eng Hwa will slowly resume his activities in the coming weeks after completing his final radiotherapy session to treat nose cancer. 

Expressing his gratitude to the team at the National Cancer Centre Singapore’s (NCCS) radiation oncology department in a Facebook post on Friday, the 59-year-old said the past two months had been “trying”. 

Mr Liang first announced his diagnosis on July 26 – a discovery that was prompted by a visit to an ear, nose and throat doctor after months of muffled hearing in his left ear. 

A series of tests and scans determined that he had early-stage nose cancer, which led to him undergoing daily radiotherapy treatment for seven weeks. 

Mr Liang underwent 33 sessions in total, and commended the NCCS team that cared for him for their “tireless efforts” in treating and caring for every cancer patient. 

The MP, who sits on two government parliamentary committees (GPCs) – he chairs the GPC for Finance and Trade and Industry, and is a member of the GPC for Manpower – added that he will progressively carry on with his duties as he continues to manage the side effects from weeks of treatment. 

In his absence, MPs from Holland-Bukit Timah GRC – Dr Vivian Balakrishnan and Mr Edward Chia – had stepped in to cover the duties in his single-seat Bukit Panjang constituency. 

Mr Liang thanked both of them in his Facebook post, along with grassroots volunteers, community partners and colleagues who helped in “holding the fort”. 

“Last but not least, I feel blessed to have the strong support and love from my family and friends; and (I’m) especially grateful to my wife, who has stood by me and walked alongside this difficult journey with me,” he said. 

“In a way, I feel like my life has been rebooted. 

“I will cherish even more of what I have and will devote my new life to deliver even more positive impact to others.”