​Have you tried slowing down the pace of your life, putting down your mobile phones and practice mindful eating? Mindful eating focuses on an individual's sensual awareness of the food and their experience of the food. SKH Dietitian, Candy Goh, was among a Clinical Psychologist, Food Science and Mindfulness Expert and Healthy Foods Advocate, to share the benefits and practice of mindful eating. Dietitian Candy Goh said that the mindful eating approach can help individuals to regain their sense of hunger and fullness as well as increase their self-control and sense of empowerment with regards to eating. Many studies have found that with mindful eating, the choices made are often to eat less, savour more and select foods that are consistent with desirable health benefits. Weight loss is common among people who practise mindful eating although it is not the main benefit. The approach encourages practitioners to become more aware of the taste and texture while eating. When one has a self-awareness of their own eating habits and the emotional triggers of mindless eating, they would be able to experience the opposite of numbed out, mindless eating.