In conjunction with World Audiologists’ Day, SingHealth celebrates with our Hearing Health Professionals.

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Ong Chun Suan (Right), Senior Audiologist, Singapore General Hospital

Ong Chun Suan (Right), Senior Audiologist, Singapore General Hospital

As an audiologist, we provide hearing assessment and rehabilitation for different age groups. We not only deal with equipment or devices, but also counsel patients and help them adjust to their hearing devices.

There was a patient that I saw recently who left an impression on me. He has isolated himself from his friends due to his hearing difficulties. After he was fitted with a pair of hearing aids, he sang in the consultation room. He told me that he had not sung in a long time since he could not hear his own voice. Now that he can finally hear, he can sing again and he will be able to join his friends for their Karaoke sessions.

Ong Chun Suan
Senior Audiologist
Singapore General Hospital

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Dr Steven Lee, Senior Principal Audiologist, Changi General Hospital 

In the course of our work, we deal with a lot of elderly patients. We often have to counsel them on how to wear and maintain their hearing aids. Many do not remember what we taught them after they return home but with a couple of rounds of practice and reinforcement, they eventually remember what to do. These patients end up being very appreciative of our efforts.

Dr Steven Lee
Senior Principal Audiologist
Changi General Hospital

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Lilian Chan, Auditory-Verbal Habilitationist, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

I have been an Auditory-Verbal Habilitationist for more than 10 years and I enjoy working with children. It gives me satisfaction when I walk alongside families in their journey and watch the children grow up successfully as part of the mainstream community.

Lilian Chan
Auditory-Verbal Habilitationist
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

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Roger Tan, Audiometrician, Sengkang General Hospital

I was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma in my right ear in 2017 and my hearing was affected after the surgery to remove the tumour. I experienced how it felt to have hearing difficulties and how hearing devices can benefit. That sparked my interest to help others with hearing difficulties.

I once encountered a patient with the exact same condition as me and I am happy that I can share my experiences and recovery journey with him. It is challenging to live with hearing loss but with the help of hearing professionals and advanced hearing technology such as hearing aids and ear implants, we can continue to enjoy the vibrant sounds of the world.

Roger Tan
Sengkang General Hospital

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Ms Sharifah Mohamed Ismail, Audiological-Technician, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

As an Audiological Technician with the Audiology Service, I support the ENT Department by performing basic hearing tests for patients with referrals from the wards and other Specialist Outpatient Clinics. I began my professional life as an orthopedic nurse managing adult patients. After a few years, I wanted to work with children, so I made the switch to be an audiological technician.

After 20 years, my love for working with children is still as strong. The brightest moments are the smiles and expressions of wonder, when children with hearing problems hear for the first time, and the tears of joy and relief from their parents when the treatment and intervention prove successful!

Ms Sharifah Mohamed Ismail
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital