Meet Our Orthoptists: The Eye Physiotherapists

“Orthoptics is a very unique profession as it is such a niche area of eye care. I treat patients with eye disorders across all age groups. My four year-old son loves to visit my clinic. But he actually just wants to play with the toys and get a lollipop!”

Joanna Saigal
Principal Orthoptist, SNEC, KKH
“I chose to pursue orthoptics because I enjoy working with people, and creating a positive impact on their lives.”

Kakeru Ode
Orthoptist, SNEC, KKH
“It is a privilege to help patients manage their conditions.”

Tan Yi Ling
Orthoptist, SNEC, KKH
“Staying cheerful, high-spirited and energetic helps puts our young patients at ease when they visit our clinic.”

Lim Yong Ern
Orthoptist, SNEC, KKH
“Being able to help patients of all ages, with different eye problems, keeps me going.”

Umasutha Ramachandran
Orthoptist, SNEC, KKH
“Helping others to recover and do the things they love again is very rewarding.”

Catherine Ng
Orthoptist, SNEC, KKH
“What strikes me most is how brave and strong my patients are.”

Karen Zhang
Senior Orthoptist, SNEC, KKH