"I started out as a clinician wanting to address gaps that I saw in clinical practice and find better ways to treat patients.  Improving outcomes remains the driving force of my research today. As a clinician we can only treat one patient at a time, but if my research helps shape practice and policy, I can improve care for many more patients not just in Singapore, but around the world.

In today's healthcare world, many gaps and issues in patient care are related to the fragmented and isolated approaches to treating patients.  As such, the use of a collaborative and a multi-disciplinary approach has great potential  to improve care.  This one of the strengths of health services research. I also believe in investing in others, especially the next generation of healthcare professionals, as they can make a greater impact for good.

It is not easy to move outside of our comfort zones and pioneer new things.  This creates a challenge to find bright, dedicated and capable team members to build a research program.  I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a fantastic team of researchers and research coordinators – some of whom have been with me for 15 years. I am grateful for their contributions and admire their dedication.  They are simply the best!"


Assoc Prof Marcus Ong Eng Hock (7th from the left)
Senior Consultant, Department of Emergency Medicine
Singapore General Hospital


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