​Mr Ngoo Mei Whei, Manager (left), and Mr James Tan, Engineer, Facilities Management, KKH


Our team’s immediate priority was to ready the hospital’s facilities to safely receive and facilitate care for pregnant women and children who tested positive, or were suspected to have COVID-19. Various facilities had to be augmented or converted.

The Children’s Emergency required extended screening areas to be erected and ready to receive patients within 48 hours. Our teams worked round-the-clock to establish electrical power, water supply and air-conditioning. We had to move swiftly to allow the housekeeping and medical teams sufficient time to occupy the tent structures in readiness for an anticipated surge in patient numbers.

As the situation progressed, whilst keeping up with daily routine operations, we were also called upon to swiftly decant and convert hospital clinics into fully functional negative pressure isolation wards. The clinics concurrently had to be relocated to other areas of the hospital.



It was a truly monumental effort, made possible by detailed pre-planning, close collaboration across hospital teams, and sheer determination by all involved.

In this fight together against COVID-19, we are glad to contribute by ensuring a safe and well-equipped environment for our patients and healthcare professionals.