"As highly skilled clinicians, we tend to think oral diseases can be controlled or healed with technological advances.  In actual fact, a clinical procedure is merely an instrument to facilitate healing as the patient is the main factor who determines the outcome.  Without patients' cooperation, treatments can only go so far.  More often than not, patients need a compassionate dentist who is not only skilled but has a warm heart to engage and encourage them to maintain good oral hygiene for the best clinical outcome.

Working as an endodontist in a multidisciplinary team in NDCS, not only am I able to fulfil my clinical duties, I am also able to teach and train younger clinicians, as well as do clinical research with the aim of improving patient outcomes.  This multi-faceted scope of work enables for a more impactful change to the future of dentistry.  My wish is for more clinicians to see the relevance of Academic Medicine and opt to make their career in public service."


Dr Lui Jeen Nee
Head and Senior Consultant, Endodontic Unit,
Department of Restorative Dentistry
National Dental Centre Singapore 


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