It takes a village to raise a child. This saying could not ring more true for Serena, Manager at SGH Service Quality. Rae, her first child, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes earlier this year and she has found strong support and care from the SingHealth family.
With their first child’s arrival, Serena and her husband were overjoyed. So it was a shock when earlier this year, little Rae who was then 2 ½ years old, was suddenly admitted to the High Dependency Ward and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.
Serena’s world flew into a tailspin. “I was totally lost. I knew very little about diabetes. How could this happen to my little boy?” Suddenly, she had to learn about diabetes management, administering insulin shots, blood sugar testing five times a day and monitoring a diabetic diet.
She confided in her bosses and eventually, her colleagues and friends.
What happened subsequently caught Serena by surprise. “I was touched by all the care and concern I received.”
“My bosses came forward to support me. They gave me time to explore options in continuing my work and ensuring Rae was in good hands.” They also connected her to a friend with a diabetic child and made special arrangements for her to work nearer to Rae’s new childcare centre.
Her colleagues gave her love and hope. “They offered kind words and even helped me during the initial months when I needed to cook his meals at work.  One colleague even offered to help me with Rae’s insulin jabs if I was busy in meetings!”
At KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), both Rae and Serena experienced extraordinary care from the diabetes team and nurses.  Serena also found a support group of mothers with diabetic children there.
Help came from unexpected places – after being rejected many times, Serena finally found a childcare centre willing to take Rae as the principal herself is a diabetic. Today, Rae has a dedicated teacher who tests his blood sugar, injects him and updates Serena daily.
Serena discovered what true genuine care is. “I have worked in SGH for 8 years and to experience this level of touching support is amazing. I’m happy to be back with my SGH family knowing I am valued and that my boy is safe, in good hands and near me.”
Encouragement from colleagues from other departments and even ex-colleagues still continues today.

“Rae has a huge village to care for him – family, my friends and colleagues, his teachers and the fantastic care team at KKH.”

Excerpt from LighterNotes, stories of SGH Campus.