"I was diagnosed with motor neuron disease (MND) 18 years ago, when I was 50 years old. Progressively, I lost the function of my left arm. Within four years, I lost the function of my right arm, too.  It was devastating at first, but I have since learnt to accept my condition.

Let me share something funny: I was taking the bus once, and a stranger held on to me for support.  I had to explain that I could not use my hands, and would not be great support if the bus came to an abrupt stop!  I often share this story with the MND support group at the National Neuroscience Institute. Some patients are fearful of going outdoors or explaining their condition to others, so I hope to encourage them with my experience.  I don't think of myself as brave, just practical. I can choose to be gloomy about my condition, or content with what I have.  I prefer to be thankful and move on with life.  I know there is currently no cure for this disease but I hope that one day, a miracle will happen and a cure will be found."


Lim Siak Teng
Current patient at National Neuroscience Institute
Mr Lim is one of the winners of the Singapore Health Inspirational Patient and Caregiver Award 2016.


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