"I used to have a research assistant named Shaun Mok.  In his application letter to my lab, he wrote his career objective as such: 'To serve humanity by contributing to ongoing research in human health and disease'.  An energetic and funny guy, Shaun brought much laughter to the lab.  In September 2009, his first co-authored paper was published by the Journal of Neuroscience.  However, Shaun never got to see it in print as he had passed away in a bicycle accident just before that.  I remember having to break the news to the lab, it was heart wrenching…

I thought to myself then: 'Within the realms of science, we have real individuals chasing their own dreams. What have we done to fulfil their dreams when they worked hard to fulfil ours?'"


Assoc Prof Lim Kah Leong
Deputy Director, Research Department
National Neuroscience Institute


Tags: Doctor, Research