​Despite a burgeoning career in a bank with the promise of a new leadership role, Lim Chun Chai, 39, decided to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

Lim Chun Chai obtained an undergraduate degree in engineering, followed by a Masters’ degree in finance. This landed him a job in a local bank, where he progressed from the role of management associate to vice-president. It was then that he decided to leave the corporate world to study medicine. In terms of age, Lim is the most mature student to matriculate in Duke-NUS, but his enthusiasm is apparent.

“It was a decision that I have been pondering over for years. I decided to make the leap as I wanted to do something for the greater good of the community. I am really fortunate to have my family’s - especially my wife’s - support in this whole journey,” he said.

Lim Chun Chai,
Current first year MD student at Duke-NUS Medical School