"There were a lot of memorable encounters.  One of them is Madam A, who is one of my earlier patients, and I was very impressed by the way she embraced her cancer with a positive attitude. Not only that, she also organised a patient support group to help other cancer patients.  She inspired them with her optimism, enthusiasm and kindness.

As a genetic counsellor, it is my role to help patients and their family better understand the genetic diseases that may impact their futures.  Cancer is never a pleasant thing, but our work helps measure the risk, detect and treat the cancer early for those who are at high risk.

Having to break the news to my patients that they have a risk of developing a hereditary disease is always difficult and stressful, both for myself and for the patients and their families but it is satisfying to help them clarify their concerns and questions. However, my biggest fear is that there are many families out there who are in need of genetic testing, but do not know where to go for such services that can help them detect any cancer risk early.

I hope that my work on familial cancers will help many families to manage their future health problems, for themselves and for the next generation." 


Li Shao-Tzu
Genetic Counsellor, Division of Medical Oncology
National Cancer Centre Singapore


Tags: Genetic Counsellor, Allied Health