"The role of nurses has become increasingly important in the healthcare setting. As nurses, we not only provide quality nursing care, attention and emotional support to patients, but also constantly think of ways to improve health outcomes for them. We spend more time caring for patients at their bedside in the hospital than anyone else, and journey with their caregivers in the patient’s recovery, equipping caregivers with the knowledge to continue caring for the patients at home. This puts us in a privileged position of bringing comfort to patients from hospital to home." - Lee Tian Zhi, Principal Enrolled Nurse, Changi General Hospital

Inspired by the nurses who took good care of his great-grandmother during her hospitalisation at Changi General Hospital when he was younger, Tian Zhi developed an interest in nursing and decided on the profession as a career. Tian Zhi often goes the extra mile to care for his patients, and proactively keeps their families updated on his patients’ conditions. He was the Overall Champion of the 15th Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award for Enrolled Nurses 2021.

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