"Over the last 20 years, I have experienced countless heart-wrenching moments and faced numerous challenges as a nurse.  But there was one incident that I found especially memorable.

It happened on my first day in a hospital as a student nurse. My classmate and I were eagerly observing a clinical instructor carry out tube feeding for a patient, when the patient's son turned to speak to us.  I hired a maid to take care of my mother. You know, I am very busy at work and have no time. So I paid a lot for this maid – you can just teach her what to do.  In response, our instructor told the patient's son firmly: 'If you really care about your mother, you would learn how to carry out the tube feeding for her!"

I will never forget the look on the patient's face.  Having suffered from a stroke, she could only look at her son with tears of sadness streaming down her face. That day, I learnt that every patient longs for their family to care for them. All the money in the world cannot make up for genuine care and concern.

Such incidents drive me to do my best for my patients. As a nurse, I believe it is my duty to carry the torch of hope, and comfort the sick and needy. Being able to care for those who need it most is what makes this profession so meaningful."


Lee Min
Senior Nurse Educator
Singapore General Hospital
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