​“My aunt used to work in the government agency. It was a stable job, and made me hope to get a job like that. My husband used to supply pillow cases to Singapore General Hospital (SGH), and he asked the supervisor if they were hiring. I was happy that I managed to get this job because of him!

Every day, I receive linen from our launderers. I inspect the linen, which includes patient pyjamas, bed sheets, blankets, scrub suits, etc for stain and tear. I also do some basic administrative work like handle express linen requests from my users and data entry. On this job, I learned how to use the computer and tablets. It was very challenging but I learned on the job and it is now easy for me.

I have been working here since 1995 and I enjoy working here as the work is manageable and SGH is very near my house. The most challenging time I had was during the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). We had to work long hours – it was very tiring! Back then, we had to prepare T-shirts and pants for all staff. I received requests from various departments over the phone and had to prepare and dispatch the T-shirts and pants as soon as possible. Thanks to this experience, my team was ready for the challenges that COVID-19 brought. I was not as anxious.

My department used to be situated at SGH Block 8. Now we have moved to SingHealth Tower, where the facilities are bigger and newer. Now, as part of the Central Logistics Hub, we are located in the basement.”

- Lee Lian Huay, Healthcare Attendant, Linen Supplies Unit @ SingHealth Tower