"My interest in physiotherapy and decision to become a physiotherapist was influenced by a television drama many years ago.  I remembered there were scenarios of a physiotherapist who helped his patients to be less fearful about their disability, and how he had helped them to regain not just their mobility, but also their confidence to re-integrate back into their daily lives. These scenes just stuck with me.

As I engage my patients, I began to realise how difficult it can be for them to accept their condition at the beginning.  We have to be patient with them as it is the key to help them overcome their fear and improve their situation.

I remember one case in particular where a patient of mine held my hand tightly to express her gratitude for helping her to reduce the swelling in her leg.  'Thank you and I should have come to you earlier.'  That was all she said, but it marked the most memorable moment in my career."


Kou Seow Wei
Principal Physiotherapist
Singapore General Hospital  


Tags: Physiotherapist, Allied Health