PaedsENGAGE is a new pilot programme led by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) and National University Hospital Singapore (NUH), with funding by the Ministry of Health.

This initiative aims to build a robust general practitioner (GP) support and referral network by upskilling their competency to manage non-emergency paediatric conditions, and to anchor care for such cases within the community instead of at acute hospitals.

To develop and strengthen intermediate and long-term paediatric services in the community, the team is building partnerships with GPs to right-site care for children with mild-to-moderate acute conditions within the primary care setting.

Since April 2023, more than 300 GPs have been trained and certified as PaedsENGAGE GP Partners.


GPs will become a certified PaedsENGAGE GP Partner upon registration and completion of the online e-learning modules. 

Following certification, GPs can refer patients to the KKH or NUH Children's Emergency (CE) via the PaedsENGAGE programme, and continue the blended learning journey.

Interested GPs can enrol into PaedsENGAGE by clicking here.

For more programme details, please visit www.kkh.com.sg/paedsengage-gpinfo.


For General Practitioners

1. GPs who join PaedsENGAGE will benefit from a training programme focused on nurturing:

  • The ability to provide appropriate management of common paediatric medical conditions within the community, such as:

    • Fever

    • Diarrhoea

    • Minor injuries

    • Breathlessness

    • Vomiting 

    • Common eye, ear, nose and throat conditions

    • Common infections and antibiotic use

  • The ability to identify early warning signs and enhance timely referral for those needing tertiary paediatric care

2. PaedsENGAGE GPs benefit from a blended learning curriculum comprising:

  • Online e-learning modules taken at the GP’s own time and pace (to be completed within two months)

  • Team-based learning sessions and educational forums conducted every three to four months, focusing on case scenarios and interactive discussions

  • Hands-off clinical observation attachments within the KKH or NUH CE – to learn about acute management and follow-up care of common illnesses in children, and observe the management of resuscitation cases and clinical procedures

For Parents and Caregivers

As PaedsENGAGE GPs are equipped with the skills to assess and manage paediatric conditions and prescribe timely, appropriate treatment, parents are strongly encouraged to visit these GPs for their children's non-emergency illnesses and conditions.

Should a child require referral to the CE following an initial assessment by the PaedsENGAGE GP, families can benefit from a $50 subsidy on prevailing CE fees, along with a shorter waiting time.

For Hospitals

As PaedsENGAGE GPs get equipped with skills and knowledge to manage non-emergency conditions within the community, hospitals can gradually focus on the acute care of children with illnesses requiring more urgent and critical medical attention and treatment.