​Representatives of the care teams at KKH@Halifax. (From left to right) Vanessa Sharon Maria J, Staff Nurse, Department of Dermatology, KKH; Assoc Prof Mark Koh, Head and Senior Consultant, Department of Dermatology, KKH; Assoc Prof Helen Chen, Head and Senior Consultant, Department of Psychological Medicine, KKH; Zahreen D/O M Badiuzzaman, Patient Service Associate, KKH@Halifax; Jamie Stephanie A/P Calab Jarumiah, Senior Pharmacist, Pharmacy Department, KKH.

KKH has launched a new extension on Halifax Road, with expanded consultation and treatment facilities equipped for telehealth and holistic therapies for women and children.

Situated a short stroll from the main hospital building, KKH@Halifax houses clinics for women and child mental wellness and dermatology. At close to 1,250 square metres, the new extension can accommodate 30 per cent more clinic attendances than the current 24,000 consultations in a year. An on-site pharmacy offers added convenience to patients and caregivers.

​KKH@Halifax preserves the iconic black-and-white façade, and details such as intricate tiling, lattice windows and exposed red brick walls.

Heritage meets modern patient care

Built in the 1930s, careful planning was put into preserving the designated conservation site's heritage design and structure, whilst meeting modern-day patient needs and sustainability requirements.

"It has been an absolute transformation, and we are fortunate to be able to breathe new life into these heritage buildings, repurposing them to serve the needs of our modern day population. The new KKH@Halifax has received the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award for its more climate-responsive and energy- and resource-efficient design," says Nooraini Binte Jaffar, Director, Specialty and Ambulatory Services, KKH.

"We have also collaborated with The Walt Disney Company to feature a series of Disney-themed interactive murals at KKH@Halifax. This helps to comfort and alleviate anxiety for children when they visit our clinics."


​Colonial motifs and child-friendly features adorn key patient touchpoints at KKH@Halifax.

Expanded services and tele-dermatology for skin conditions

The Dermatology Clinic on the first floor offers twice as many consultation and treatment rooms for women and child patients with chronic skin conditions. Designed to support tele-dermatology and multidisciplinary management of complex skin conditions, patients and caregivers can expect an improved experience and shorter wait times.

"In addition to having more space, we have leveraged technology and combined expertise to enhance patient treatment, management and education in a coordinated and well-rounded manner. New services such as counselling with dermatology pharmacists, height-adjustable equipment for young patients and teleconsultations with clinicians help us to meet the changing needs of our patients to achieve better long-term health outcomes," says Associate Professor Mark Koh, Head and Senior Consultant, Department of Dermatology, KKH.

Dedicated wing for women and child mental wellness

On the second floor, the Women's Mental Wellness Clinic provides clinical care, family counselling, telemedicine and peer support groups, offering comprehensive support for women and children across the spectrum of mental health conditions.

"The soothing ambience and dedicated spaces are a conducive and calming environment for our patients to receive holistic care. Women and children can also be cared for in the same setting, which is beneficial as their mental health needs are very much linked," says Associate Professor Helen Chen, Head and Senior Consultant, Department of Psychological Medicine, KKH.

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