KKH has been named one of the Newsweek World’s Best Smart Hospitals 2023 for achievements in telemedicine, benchmarked among 300 hospitals from 28 countries.

Teleconsultation is offered in nearly 50 children’s and women’s subspecialties at KKH.

“Telemedicine has been a lifeline for many during the pandemic and continues to be vital in strengthening our patients’ accessibility to care, and advancing preventative and population health,” shared Associate Professor Eileen Lew, Campus Director, Digital Integration, Medical Innovation and Care Transformation, KKH.

KKH has also been recognised as one of the Newsweek Best Specialized Hospitals Asia Pacific 2023, clinching 11th place among 75 centres in the region.

“Our vision is to define the future of child health. We are dedicated to optimising their growth and development to build strong foundations for life,”” said Associate Professor Thoon Koh Cheng, Chairman, Division of Medicine, KKH.

Building a workplace of collaboration and care

KKH is also one of The Straits Times’ Singapore’s Best Employers 2023, following an independent survey of more than 17,000 employees of Singapore-based organisations.

“We are committed to building a healthy and resilient KKH culture where everyone feels safe and empowered to give every family the best start for a healthier future,” said Professor Alex Sia, Chief Executive Officer, KKH.